Dc Motor Capacitor Sizing Chart

5 min read Jun 26, 2024
Dc Motor Capacitor Sizing Chart

DC Motor Capacitor Sizing Chart: A Comprehensive Guide


A DC motor capacitor is an essential component in many electrical systems, providing a smoothing effect on the output voltage and current of the motor. However, selecting the right capacitor for a DC motor can be a daunting task, especially for those without extensive electrical engineering experience. That's where a DC motor capacitor sizing chart comes in handy.

What is a DC Motor Capacitor Sizing Chart?

A DC motor capacitor sizing chart is a graphical or tabular representation of the recommended capacitor values for a specific DC motor, based on its voltage, current, and power ratings. The chart provides a quick and easy way to determine the correct capacitor size, ensuring optimal motor performance, efficiency, and reliability.

How to Use a DC Motor Capacitor Sizing Chart

To use a DC motor capacitor sizing chart, follow these steps:

1. Determine the Motor Specifications

Identify the DC motor's voltage, current, and power ratings, usually found on the motor's nameplate or datasheet.

2. Choose the Capacitor Type

Select the capacitor type, such as electrolytic, ceramic, or film, based on the motor's application and operating conditions.

3. Consult the Capacitor Sizing Chart

Refer to the chart, which typically plots the motor's voltage against its current or power rating. Find the intersection point of the motor's specifications on the chart.

4. Read the Recommended Capacitor Value

The chart will indicate the recommended capacitor value, usually in microfarads (μF) or picofarads (pF).

Examples of DC Motor Capacitor Sizing Charts

Here are a few examples of DC motor capacitor sizing charts:

Chart 1: Voltage vs. Current Rating

Voltage (V) Current (A) Capacitor Value (μF)
12 1 10
12 2 20
12 3 30
24 1 5
24 2 10
24 3 15

Chart 2: Power Rating vs. Capacitor Value

Power (W) Capacitor Value (μF)
10 10
20 20
30 30
40 40
50 50


A DC motor capacitor sizing chart is a valuable tool for ensuring the correct capacitor selection for a DC motor. By following the chart and considering the motor's specifications and application, you can optimize motor performance, efficiency, and reliability. Remember to always consult the manufacturer's recommendations and datasheets for specific guidance on capacitor selection.

Additional Resources

For more information on DC motor capacitor sizing and selection, refer to the following resources:

  • Manufacturer's datasheets and application notes
  • Industry standards and regulations (e.g., IEC, UL, ETL)
  • Online calculators and simulation tools