Epcos Mkt Capacitor

3 min read Jun 26, 2024
Epcos Mkt Capacitor

EPCOS MKT Capacitor: Understanding the Basics and Applications


The EPCOS MKT capacitor is a type of film capacitor widely used in electronic circuits for various applications. MKT stands for "Metallized Polyester" and is a trademark of TDK Corporation, a leading manufacturer of electronic components. In this article, we will delve into the basics of EPCOS MKT capacitors, their characteristics, and applications.

Construction and Characteristics

Metallized Polyester Film

The EPCOS MKT capacitor consists of a polyester film dielectric with a thin metal layer deposited on one or both sides. The metallized film is then wound onto a cylindrical core, and the entire assembly is encapsulated in a plastic case.

Key Characteristics

  • High capacitance density: MKT capacitors offer high capacitance values in a compact package.
  • Low loss factor: The polyester film dielectric results in low energy losses, making MKT capacitors suitable for high-frequency applications.
  • High reliability: The metallized film construction ensures high reliability and long lifespan.
  • Wide operating temperature range: MKT capacitors can operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 125°C.


EPCOS MKT capacitors find applications in various fields, including:

Power Supplies

MKT capacitors are often used in power supplies for:

  • Filtering: MKT capacitors help filter out noise and ripple in power supplies.
  • Coupling: They are used for signal coupling and decoupling in power supply circuits.

Audio and Video Equipment

MKT capacitors are used in audio and video equipment for:

  • Filtering: They are used to filter out noise and hum in audio circuits.
  • Coupling: MKT capacitors are used for signal coupling and decoupling in audio and video circuits.

General Electronic Circuits

MKT capacitors are used in general electronic circuits for:

  • DC blocking: They are used to block DC voltage in circuits while allowing AC signals to pass through.
  • Filtering: MKT capacitors are used to filter out unwanted signals in electronic circuits.


In conclusion, EPCOS MKT capacitors are versatile components with a wide range of applications in power supplies, audio and video equipment, and general electronic circuits. Their high capacitance density, low loss factor, and high reliability make them an ideal choice for many applications.

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