Kalau 0 Nya 5 Berapa Rupiah

3 min read Jun 26, 2024
Kalau 0 Nya 5 Berapa Rupiah

The Mysterious Case of "0 Nya 5"

Have you ever heard of the phrase "0 nya 5"? If you're an Indonesian, you probably have. But what does it mean, and how much is it worth in Rupiah?

What is "0 Nya 5"?

"0 nya 5" is a colloquial expression in Indonesian that is often used in informal conversations. The phrase is derived from the Indonesian words "nol" meaning "zero" and "nya" which is a possessive pronoun meaning "his/her/its". So, literally, "0 nya 5" means "his/her/its zero five".

The Mystery Behind the Phrase

But what does it mean in terms of value? Is it a code, a secret message, or just a joke? Well, the answer lies in the Indonesian currency, Rupiah. In the past, Indonesia had a currency called the Old Rupiah (Rp), which was replaced by the New Rupiah (Rp) in 1965.

The Conversion

During the conversion period, the Old Rupiah was equal to 1,000 times the value of the New Rupiah. So, Rp 1,000 (Old Rupiah) was equivalent to Rp 1 (New Rupiah). Now, here's where the phrase "0 nya 5" comes in.

The Reveal

In the Old Rupiah system, Rp 0.05 was equal to 5 sen, a subunit of the Rupiah. Fast forward to the New Rupiah system, and Rp 0.05 becomes Rp 500 (500 Rupiah). So, when someone says "0 nya 5", they're referring to Rp 500!

In Conclusion

The next time someone asks you "kalau 0 nya 5 berapa rupiah?" (if 0 nya 5 is how much in Rupiah?), you can confidently say it's Rp 500! The phrase may seem mysterious at first, but it's actually a fun and quirky way to refer to a specific amount of money.

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