Mkt Capacitor

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Mkt Capacitor

MKT Capacitor: A Comprehensive Guide


In the world of electronics, capacitors play a crucial role in filtering,Coupling, and regulating electrical signals. Among the various types of capacitors available, MKT capacitors are widely used in electronic circuits due to their diverse range of applications and impressive characteristics. In this article, we will delve into the world of MKT capacitors, exploring their definition, construction, types, characteristics, and applications.

What is an MKT Capacitor?


MKT capacitors, also known as Metallized Polyester Capacitors, are a type of film capacitor that uses a metallized polyester film as the dielectric material. The "MKT" abbreviation stands for "Metallized Kapton Tape," which refers to the dielectric material used in these capacitors.


The construction of an MKT capacitor involves winding two metalized polyester films together, with one film serving as the electrode and the other as the dielectric. The winding process creates a large surface area, allowing for a higher capacitance value in a smaller package. The capacitor is then encased in a plastic or epoxy resin to protect it from environmental factors.

Types of MKT Capacitors

Radial Lead MKT Capacitors

Radial lead MKT capacitors feature a radial lead configuration, where the leads are connected to the capacitor body in a radial direction. These capacitors are commonly used in through-hole PCB mounting applications.

Axial Lead MKT Capacitors

Axial lead MKT capacitors have leads that are connected to the capacitor body in an axial direction. These capacitors are often used in applications where space is limited.

Surface Mount MKT Capacitors

Surface mount MKT capacitors are designed for surface-mount technology (SMT) applications. They offer a compact footprint and are ideal for use in compact electronic devices.

Characteristics of MKT Capacitors

High Capacitance Density

MKT capacitors offer a high capacitance density, making them ideal for applications where space is limited.

Low Inductance

The metallized film construction of MKT capacitors results in low inductance, which reduces energy loss and increases overall efficiency.

High Reliability

MKT capacitors are known for their high reliability and long lifespan, making them suitable for demanding applications.

Wide Operating Temperature Range

MKT capacitors can operate in a wide temperature range, from -40°C to 125°C, making them suitable for use in harsh environments.

Applications of MKT Capacitors

Filtering and Coupling

MKT capacitors are often used in filtering and coupling applications, such as in radio frequency (RF) circuits, audio equipment, and power supplies.

Motor Control and Power Electronics

MKT capacitors are used in motor control and power electronics applications, such as in motor drives, power supplies, and renewable energy systems.

Audio and Video Equipment

MKT capacitors are used in audio and video equipment, such as in amplifiers, speakers, and televisions.


In conclusion, MKT capacitors are a versatile and reliable component used in a wide range of electronic circuits. Their high capacitance density, low inductance, and high reliability make them an ideal choice for many applications. By understanding the characteristics and applications of MKT capacitors, engineers and designers can make informed decisions when selecting components for their projects.

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