Mythic Bintang 1 Sama Dengan Berapa Poin

4 min read Jun 26, 2024
Mythic Bintang 1 Sama Dengan Berapa Poin

Mythic Bintang 1: Unraveling the Mysterious Point System


In the world of online gaming, players are often driven by the desire to climb the ranks and achieve greatness. One of the most popular games, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, has a ranking system that has left many players wondering: what does it take to reach the coveted Mythic rank, and how many points does it require to reach Bintang 1?

Understanding the Ranking System

Before diving into the specifics of Mythic Bintang 1, let's take a brief look at the ranking system in Mobile Legends. The game has a total of 8 ranks, each with its own set of requirements and challenges. The ranks, in order, are:

  • Warrior
  • ** Elite**
  • Master
  • Grandmaster
  • Epic
  • Legend
  • Mythic

Each rank has its own set of stars, with Bintang 1 being the lowest star in the Mythic rank.

Mythic Bintang 1: The Point Requirement

So, how many points does it take to reach Mythic Bintang 1? The answer is not straightforward, as the point requirement varies depending on the player's performance and the game's matchmaking system.

According to official sources and player reports, here are some general guidelines:

  • Mythic Bintang 1: 4200-4500 points
  • Mythic Bintang 2: 4600-4900 points
  • Mythic Bintang 3: 5000-5300 points

Keep in mind that these are rough estimates and may vary depending on individual performance and game conditions.

Tips to Reach Mythic Bintang 1

Reaching Mythic Bintang 1 requires a combination of skill, strategy, and dedication. Here are some tips to help you on your journey:

  • Master your heroes: Focus on a few heroes and learn their strengths, weaknesses, and playstyles.
  • Improve your game sense: Understand the game's mechanics, including map control, objective takes, and teamfighting.
  • Communicate with your team: Coordination and communication are key to success in high-level play.
  • Analyze your gameplay: Watch replays, identify mistakes, and work on improving your gameplay.


Reaching Mythic Bintang 1 in Mobile Legends requires a significant amount of points, but the exact number is not fixed. By understanding the ranking system, improving your gameplay, and staying dedicated, you can increase your chances of reaching this coveted rank. Remember to stay focused, adapt to the game's meta, and always keep improving. Good luck, and happy gaming!

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