Nichicon Capacitors Uk

5 min read Jun 26, 2024
Nichicon Capacitors Uk

Nichicon Capacitors UK: Leading the Way in Capacitor Technology


Nichicon Corporation, a leading Japanese electronic component manufacturer, has been a pioneer in the field of capacitors for over 60 years. With a strong presence in the UK, Nichicon Capacitors UK has established itself as a reliable and trusted supplier of high-quality capacitors to various industries. In this article, we will explore the world of Nichicon Capacitors UK, their product range, and their commitment to innovation and excellence.

History and Mission

Founded in 1950, Nichicon Corporation has been dedicated to the development and manufacturing of capacitors, resistors, and other electronic components. With a strong focus on research and development, Nichicon has consistently pushed the boundaries of capacitor technology, introducing new products and innovations that have revolutionized the industry. The UK branch, Nichicon Capacitors UK, was established to serve the local market and provide customers with high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

Product Range

Nichicon Capacitors UK offers an extensive range of capacitor products, catering to various industries and applications. Some of the key product categories include:

Film Capacitors

  • Metallized Film Capacitors: Ideal for high-frequency and high-temperature applications, these capacitors offer high reliability and long lifespan.
  • Film Foil Capacitors: Suitable for general-purpose applications, these capacitors provide high capacitance and low inductance.

Electrolytic Capacitors

  • Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors: Available in various sizes and capacitance values, these capacitors are suitable for power supplies, audio equipment, and other applications.
  • Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitors: Known for their high reliability and long lifespan, these capacitors are ideal for high-reliability applications.

Ceramic Capacitors

  • Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors: Offering high capacitance and low inductance, these capacitors are suitable for high-frequency applications.
  • Single-Layer Ceramic Capacitors: Provided in various sizes and capacitance values, these capacitors are ideal for general-purpose applications.

Innovations and Technology

Nichicon Capacitors UK is committed to innovation and excellence, investing heavily in research and development to stay ahead of the curve. Some of the key technological advancements and innovations include:

Green Capacitors

  • Nichicon's green capacitor series is designed to reduce environmental impact, using environmentally friendly materials and production methods.

High-Temperature Capacitors

  • Nichicon's high-temperature capacitors are designed to operate in extreme temperatures, making them suitable for demanding applications.

Customized Capacitor Solutions

  • Nichicon Capacitors UK offers customized capacitor solutions to meet specific customer requirements, providing tailored products for unique applications.


Nichicon Capacitors UK is a leading supplier of high-quality capacitors, committed to innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction. With a wide range of products catering to various industries and applications, Nichicon Capacitors UK is the go-to destination for all capacitor needs. Whether you're looking for general-purpose capacitors or customized solutions, Nichicon Capacitors UK has got you covered.

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