Smartgen Battery Charger 24v 10a

4 min read Jun 26, 2024
Smartgen Battery Charger 24v 10a

SmartGen Battery Charger 24V 10A: A Powerful and Efficient Charging Solution


The SmartGen Battery Charger 24V 10A is a high-performance battery charger designed to provide efficient and reliable charging for a variety of 24V battery systems. With its advanced technology and robust design, this charger is ideal for applications that require a high-capacity charging solution.

Key Features

High-Power Charging

The SmartGen Battery Charger 24V 10A is capable of delivering up to 10A of charging current, making it suitable for large battery banks and high-demand applications. This high-power charging capability ensures that your batteries are charged quickly and efficiently.

Advanced Charging Algorithm

The charger features an advanced charging algorithm that ensures optimal charging performance and battery health. The algorithm includes automatic voltage detection, automatic charging current adjustment, and automatic float charging mode.

Protection Features

The charger is equipped with multiple protection features, including:

  • Overcharge Protection: Prevents overcharging, which can damage the battery.
  • Over-Discharge Protection: Protects the battery from excessive discharge.
  • Short-Circuit Protection: Protects the charger and battery from short-circuit faults.
  • Overheat Protection: Prevents overheating, which can damage the charger and battery.

LED Indicator

The charger features a bright LED indicator that displays the charging status, making it easy to monitor the charging process.

Compact and Durable Design

The charger has a compact design that makes it easy to install and integrate into a variety of systems. It is also built with high-quality components and materials to ensure durability and reliability.


The SmartGen Battery Charger 24V 10A is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Renewable Energy Systems: Solar, wind, and hydroelectric power systems.
  • Backup Power Systems: Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and backup power systems.
  • Industrial Power Systems: Industrial power systems, electric vehicle charging, and marine applications.
  • Telecommunication Systems: Telecommunication systems, data centers, and remote monitoring systems.

Technical Specifications

  • Input Voltage: 90-264VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 24VDC
  • Output Current: 10A
  • Charging Mode: CC/CV (Constant Current/Constant Voltage)
  • Efficiency: Up to 90%
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to 50°C
  • Humidity: 95% RH max


The SmartGen Battery Charger 24V 10A is a powerful and efficient charging solution that is designed to meet the demands of high-capacity battery systems. With its advanced features, compact design, and durable construction, this charger is an ideal choice for a variety of applications.

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