Smd Capacitor Code Chart Pdf

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Smd Capacitor Code Chart Pdf

SMD Capacitor Code Chart: A Comprehensive Guide

What is an SMD Capacitor?

A Surface Mount Device (SMD) capacitor is a type of capacitor that is mounted directly onto the surface of a printed circuit board (PCB). SMD capacitors are widely used in electronic devices due to their small size, low profile, and high reliability.

Understanding SMD Capacitor Codes

SMD capacitors have a unique code printed on them to identify their characteristics. The code consists of a combination of letters and numbers that indicate the capacitor's capacitance, tolerance, and voltage rating.

SMD Capacitor Code Chart

Here is a comprehensive SMD capacitor code chart that explains the meaning of each digit and letter:

Capacitance Code

Code Capacitance (pF)
010 10
022 22
033 33
047 47
068 68
082 82
101 100
121 120
151 150
182 180
221 220
271 270
331 330
391 390
471 470
511 510
561 560
681 680
821 820

Tolerance Code

Code Tolerance (%)
F ±1
G ±2
J ±5
K ±10
M ±20
N ±30

Voltage Rating Code

Code Voltage Rating (V)
A 10
B 16
C 20
D 24
E 25
F 31
G 35
H 40
J 50
K 63
L 80
M 100

Example of an SMD Capacitor Code

Let's take an example of an SMD capacitor with the code "104K5R5". Here's what each part of the code means:

  • 104: Capacitance code, which corresponds to a capacitance value of 100nF (100,000pF).
  • K: Tolerance code, which indicates a tolerance of ±10%.
  • 5R5: Voltage rating code, which corresponds to a voltage rating of 5.5V.


Understanding SMD capacitor codes is crucial for selecting the right capacitor for your electronic project. By using this comprehensive SMD capacitor code chart, you can easily identify the characteristics of an SMD capacitor and ensure that it meets your project's requirements.

Downloadable Resources

  • You can download the SMD capacitor code chart in PDF format for quick reference.
  • For more information on SMD capacitors and their applications, you can refer to online resources and tutorials.

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