Smd Tantalum Capacitor Voltage Markings

4 min read Jun 26, 2024
Smd Tantalum Capacitor Voltage Markings

SMD Tantalum Capacitor Voltage Markings: A Comprehensive Guide


Tantalum capacitors are widely used in electronic circuits due to their high capacitance, small size, and reliability. Surface Mount Device (SMD) tantalum capacitors are particularly popular in modern electronics due to their compact size and ease of assembly. However, understanding the voltage markings on SMD tantalum capacitors is crucial to ensure the reliability and safety of electronic devices.

Voltage Rating Markings

The voltage rating of an SMD tantalum capacitor is indicated by a combination of alphanumeric characters and symbols on the capacitor body. The markings can vary depending on the manufacturer, but most follow a standard format.

Voltage Rating Symbols

The voltage rating is typically indicated by a symbol or combination of symbols on the capacitor body. The most common symbols are:

  • "U" or "V": indicates the voltage rating in volts (e.g., "16V" or "16U")
  • "WV": indicates the working voltage rating in volts (e.g., "16WV")
  • "DC": indicates the direct current voltage rating in volts (e.g., "16VDC")

Voltage Tolerance Markings

In addition to the voltage rating, some capacitors may have a voltage tolerance marking, which indicates the allowed variation in voltage rating. The most common voltage tolerance markings are:

  • "K": indicates a 10% tolerance (e.g., "16VK")
  • "M": indicates a 20% tolerance (e.g., "16VM")
  • "J": indicates a 5% tolerance (e.g., "16VJ")

Other Markings

Other markings on the capacitor body may include:

  • Part Number: a unique identifier assigned by the manufacturer
  • Capacitance Value: the capacitance value in microfarads (μF)
  • ESR: the equivalent series resistance value
  • Temperature Rating: the operating temperature range (e.g., "-55°C to +125°C")

Examples of SMD Tantalum Capacitor Voltage Markings

Here are some examples of voltage markings on SMD tantalum capacitors:

  • 16V 10μF: indicates a 16V voltage rating and 10μF capacitance value
  • 16WV 22μF K: indicates a 16V working voltage rating, 22μF capacitance value, and 10% voltage tolerance
  • 16VDC 47μF J: indicates a 16V direct current voltage rating, 47μF capacitance value, and 5% voltage tolerance


Understanding the voltage markings on SMD tantalum capacitors is crucial to ensure the reliable operation of electronic devices. By recognizing the symbols and markings on the capacitor body, designers and engineers can select the appropriate capacitor for their application and avoid voltage-related failures.

Remember: always refer to the datasheet or manufacturer's documentation for specific information on the voltage markings and ratings of a particular SMD tantalum capacitor.