Tantalum Capacitor Colour Code

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Tantalum Capacitor Colour Code

Tantalum Capacitor Color Code: A Comprehensive Guide


Tantalum capacitors are a type of electrolytic capacitor that uses tantalum metal as the anode. They are known for their high capacitance, low equivalent series resistance (ESR), and long lifespan. However, identifying the specifications of a tantalum capacitor can be challenging due to their small size and lack of printed information. This is where the color code comes in handy.

What is the Color Code?

The color code on a tantalum capacitor is a system of colored bands or dots that indicate the capacitor's specifications, including its capacitance, voltage rating, and tolerance. The code is standardized and used by most manufacturers, making it easy to identify a capacitor's specifications.

How to Read the Color Code

The color code on a tantalum capacitor typically consists of three to five bands or dots. Each band or dot represents a specific piece of information. Here's how to read the code:

Band 1: Capacitance

The first band or dot represents the capacitance of the capacitor. The colors correspond to the following capacitance values:

Color Capacitance
Black 0.1 uF
Brown 0.22 uF
Red 0.47 uF
Orange 1 uF
Yellow 2.2 uF
Green 4.7 uF
Blue 10 uF
Violet 22 uF

Band 2: Voltage Rating

The second band or dot represents the voltage rating of the capacitor. The colors correspond to the following voltage ratings:

Color Voltage Rating
Black 4V
Brown 6.3V
Red 10V
Orange 16V
Yellow 20V
Green 25V
Blue 35V
Violet 50V

Band 3: Tolerance

The third band or dot (if present) represents the tolerance of the capacitor. The colors correspond to the following tolerances:

Color Tolerance
Brown ±1%
Red ±2%
Orange ±3%
Yellow ±4%
Green ±5%
Blue ±10%
Violet ±20%

Band 4 and 5: Additional Information

Some tantalum capacitors may have additional bands or dots that provide further information, such as the capacitor's temperature range or certification.

Example: Decoding a Tantalum Capacitor Color Code

Let's say we have a tantalum capacitor with the following color code: Yellow, Violet, Blue

  • Yellow (Band 1) indicates a capacitance of 2.2 uF
  • Violet (Band 2) indicates a voltage rating of 50V
  • Blue (Band 3) indicates a tolerance of ±10%

Therefore, the specifications of this tantalum capacitor are:

  • Capacitance: 2.2 uF
  • Voltage Rating: 50V
  • Tolerance: ±10%


In conclusion, the color code on a tantalum capacitor is a simple yet effective way to identify its specifications. By understanding the color code, you can easily determine the capacitance, voltage rating, and tolerance of a tantalum capacitor. Remember to always check the manufacturer's documentation for specific information on their color code system.

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