Types Of Tantalum Capacitors

4 min read Jun 26, 2024
Types Of Tantalum Capacitors

Tantalum Capacitors: Understanding the Different Types


Tantalum capacitors are a type of electrolytic capacitor that uses tantalum metal as the anode. They are known for their high capacitance, small size, and excellent reliability, making them widely used in electronic devices. However, not all tantalum capacitors are created equal, and different types of tantalum capacitors are suited for specific applications. In this article, we will explore the different types of tantalum capacitors and their characteristics.

Types of Tantalum Capacitors

1. MnO2 (Manganese Dioxide) Tantalum Capacitors

MnO2 tantalum capacitors are the most common type of tantalum capacitor. They use manganese dioxide (MnO2) as the cathode and have a low equivalent series resistance (ESR). They are suitable for general-purpose applications, including DC-DC converters, power supplies, and audio equipment.

2. Polymer Tantalum Capacitors

Polymer tantalum capacitors use a polymer electrolyte instead of manganese dioxide. They have a lower ESR and higher capacitance than MnO2 tantalum capacitors, making them suitable for high-frequency applications, such as switching power supplies and audio filters.

3. Solid Tantalum Capacitors

Solid tantalum capacitors use a solid electrolyte, such as tantalum pentoxide (Ta2O5), instead of a liquid electrolyte. They have a higher reliability and longer lifespan than MnO2 tantalum capacitors, making them suitable for critical applications, such as aerospace and military devices.

4. Wet Tantalum Capacitors

Wet tantalum capacitors use a liquid electrolyte, such as sulfuric acid, instead of a solid electrolyte. They have a high capacitance and are suitable for high-voltage applications, such as power supplies and filters.

5. Tantalum Chip Capacitors

Tantalum chip capacitors are a type of surface-mount device (SMD) that uses tantalum as the anode and a ceramic or plastic casing. They are suitable for compact electronic devices, such as smartphones and laptops.

6. Hermetically Sealed Tantalum Capacitors

Hermetically sealed tantalum capacitors use a hermetic seal to seal the electrolyte and internal components. They have a high reliability and are suitable for harsh environments, such as aerospace and industrial applications.

Characteristics of Tantalum Capacitors

  • High capacitance: Tantalum capacitors have high capacitance values, making them suitable for applications that require high energy storage.
  • Low ESR: Tantalum capacitors have low equivalent series resistance (ESR), making them suitable for high-frequency applications.
  • Small size: Tantalum capacitors are compact and have a small footprint, making them suitable for compact electronic devices.
  • High reliability: Tantalum capacitors have a high reliability and long lifespan, making them suitable for critical applications.


Tantalum capacitors come in different types, each with its own characteristics and applications. By understanding the different types of tantalum capacitors, designers and engineers can choose the right capacitor for their specific application, ensuring reliable and efficient performance.