U$ 0.01 Berapa Rupiah

3 min read Jun 26, 2024
U$ 0.01 Berapa Rupiah

Converting 0.01 USD to IDR: How Much is it in Rupiah?

Are you curious about the value of 0.01 USD in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)? In this article, we'll provide you with the conversion rate and the equivalent amount in IDR.

USD to IDR Exchange Rate

The exchange rate between the United States Dollar (USD) and Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) can fluctuate constantly due to various economic factors. However, as of the current date, the exchange rate is approximately 1 USD = 14,000 IDR.

Converting 0.01 USD to IDR

Using the current exchange rate, let's convert 0.01 USD to IDR:

0.01 USD x 14,000 IDR/USD = 140 IDR

So, 0.01 USD is equivalent to approximately 140 IDR.

Is 0.01 USD a Significant Amount in IDR?

140 IDR may not seem like a lot, but it's still a small but significant amount in Indonesian currency. To put it into perspective, you can buy a few items with this amount, such as:

  • A pack of candies or chocolates
  • A small snack from a street vendor
  • A few postage stamps

While it may not be a large amount, 0.01 USD can still go a long way in Indonesia, especially when it comes to small purchases or transactions.


In conclusion, 0.01 USD is equivalent to approximately 140 IDR based on the current exchange rate. While it may not be a significant amount, it's still a notable sum in Indonesian currency. We hope this information helps you in your financial transactions or conversions involving USD and IDR.