Ukuran Kaki 1 Jengkal Berapa Cm

3 min read Jun 26, 2024
Ukuran Kaki 1 Jengkal Berapa Cm

Understanding Foot Length and Jengkal Conversions

When it comes to measuring foot length, there are various units of measurement used around the world. While the international standard is to use centimeters (cm) or inches (in), some cultures have their own traditional units of measurement. In Indonesia, for example, the "jengkal" is a traditional unit of measurement commonly used to measure foot length. But how does it compare to the standard centimeter measurement?

What is a Jengkal?

A jengkal is a traditional unit of measurement in Indonesia, equivalent to the length of the joint of the thumb to the tip of the finger. It is approximately equal to 4-5 fingers or the distance between the tip of the thumb and the first knuckle. In modern times, the jengkal is no longer commonly used as a standard unit of measurement, but it is still widely recognized and used in informal settings.

Converting Jengkal to Centimeters

So, how many centimeters is one jengkal? The exact conversion can vary slightly depending on the individual's hand size, but a commonly cited estimate is:

  • 1 jengkal = approximately 7.5-8 cm

This means that if you measure a foot length of 1 jengkal, it would be equivalent to approximately 7.5-8 cm.

Conversion Chart

Here is a rough conversion chart to help you estimate foot length in centimeters based on jengkal measurements:

Jengkal Centimeters
1 7.5-8
2 15-16
3 22.5-24
4 30-32
5 37.5-40


While the jengkal is no longer a commonly used unit of measurement, it is still an important part of Indonesian culture and heritage. Understanding the conversion to standard units like centimeters can help you better appreciate the nuances of traditional measurement systems. Whether you're shopping for shoes or measuring foot length for a medical purpose, knowing the equivalent jengkal measurement can be a useful skill to have.

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