Vishay Capacitor Distributors India

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Vishay Capacitor Distributors India

Vishay Capacitor Distributors in India: A Comprehensive Guide

Vishay Intertechnology is a leading global manufacturer of passive electronic components, including capacitors. With a wide range of capacitor products, Vishay has established itself as a trusted brand in the industry. In India, there are several authorized distributors that cater to the demand for Vishay capacitors from various sectors, including aerospace, automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics.

Who is Vishay?

Vishay Intertechnology is an American company founded in 1962 by Dr. Felix Zandman. Headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania, Vishay has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of discrete semiconductors and passive electronic components. The company offers a vast portfolio of products, including resistors, capacitors, inductors, and more.

Vishay Capacitor Products

Vishay offers a wide range of capacitor products, including:

Film Capacitors

  • Polyester film capacitors
  • Polypropylene film capacitors
  • Polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) film capacitors

Ceramic Capacitors

  • Multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs)
  • Axial lead ceramic capacitors
  • Radial lead ceramic capacitors

Tantalum Capacitors

  • Solid tantalum capacitors
  • Wet tantalum capacitors

Aluminum Capacitors

  • Electrolytic aluminum capacitors
  • Aluminum polymer capacitors

Authorized Vishay Capacitor Distributors in India

Here are some of the authorized Vishay capacitor distributors in India:

1. Avnet India Pvt. Ltd.

  • Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Offers: Wide range of Vishay capacitor products, including film, ceramic, tantalum, and aluminum capacitors

2. Element14 (formerly known as Farnell)

  • Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Offers: Extensive range of Vishay capacitors, including MLCCs, film capacitors, and tantalum capacitors

3. Mouser Electronics

  • Headquarters: Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Offers: Wide selection of Vishay capacitor products, including ceramic, film, and tantalum capacitors

4. TTI India Pvt. Ltd.

  • Headquarters: New Delhi, Delhi
  • Offers: Comprehensive range of Vishay capacitors, including film, ceramic, and aluminum capacitors

5. Rutronik Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

  • Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Offers: Wide range of Vishay capacitor products, including MLCCs, film capacitors, and tantalum capacitors

Why Choose Authorized Vishay Distributors?

Choosing an authorized Vishay distributor in India ensures that you receive:

  • Genuine products: Authentic Vishay capacitor products with the highest quality and reliability
  • Technical support: Expert technical assistance and support from the distributor and Vishay
  • Warranty and support: Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranty and support from Vishay
  • Reduced counterfeiting risk: Minimized risk of counterfeit products, ensuring reliability and performance

In conclusion, when searching for Vishay capacitor distributors in India, it is essential to choose authorized distributors to ensure authenticity, reliability, and technical support. The authorized distributors listed above offer a wide range of Vishay capacitor products, catering to various industry needs.

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