Yamaha Acoustic Electric Guitar

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Yamaha Acoustic Electric Guitar

Yamaha Acoustic Electric Guitar: A Perfect Blend of Tradition and Innovation


Yamaha, a legendary brand in the music industry, has been crafting high-quality acoustic guitars for decades. Their acoustic electric guitars, in particular, have gained popularity among musicians due to their exceptional playability, rich tone, and versatility. In this article, we'll delve into the world of Yamaha acoustic electric guitars, exploring their features, benefits, and models.

What is an Acoustic Electric Guitar?

Before we dive deeper into Yamaha's offerings, let's define what an acoustic electric guitar is. An acoustic electric guitar is an instrument that combines the traditional acoustic guitar's warm, resonant sound with the versatility of an electric guitar. It features a hollow body that produces a natural acoustic sound, but also has a pickup system that allows the sound to be amplified through an external device, such as a amplifier and speaker.

Yamaha's Approach to Acoustic Electric Guitars

Yamaha's acoustic electric guitars are designed to provide musicians with a seamless transition between acoustic and electric playing experiences. They achieve this by incorporating advanced electronics and innovative designs that enhance the guitar's tone and playability. Yamaha's commitment to quality and craftsmanship ensures that their acoustic electric guitars deliver exceptional performance and durability.

Key Features of Yamaha Acoustic Electric Guitars


Yamaha's acoustic electric guitars feature a range of electronics that allow for precise tone shaping and amplification. These include:

  • System 66 Electronics: A proprietary system that provides a natural, balanced sound with excellent feedback resistance.
  • SRT (Studio Response Technology): A system that utilizes a blend of mic and pickup signals to create a rich, detailed sound.

Body Shape and Tone

Yamaha's acoustic electric guitars are available in various body shapes, each with its unique tone and playing characteristics:

  • Dreadnought: A classic body shape known for its powerful, punchy sound.
  • Grand Auditorium: A balanced body shape that offers a clear, articulate tone.
  • Concert: A smaller body shape that produces a warm, intimate sound.

Playability and Comfort

Yamaha's acoustic electric guitars are designed to provide exceptional playability and comfort:

  • Slim neck profile: A comfortable neck shape that allows for smooth playing and navigation.
  • Cutaway body shape: A design that provides easy access to the upper frets.

Popular Yamaha Acoustic Electric Guitar Models

FGX Series

The FGX series is Yamaha's flagship line of acoustic electric guitars, offering a range of models with advanced electronics and premium materials.

  • FGX800C: A cutaway dreadnought guitar with System 66 electronics and a rich, balanced sound.
  • FGX700SC: A concert body guitar with SRT electronics and a warm, intimate tone.

LS Series

The LS series is a more affordable line of acoustic electric guitars that still deliver excellent tone and playability.

  • LS-TA: A dreadnought guitar with a System 66 pickup and a powerful, punchy sound.
  • LS-TC: A concert body guitar with a piezoelectric pickup and a clear, articulate tone.


Yamaha acoustic electric guitars offer musicians a versatile and powerful tool for their craft. With their commitment to quality, innovation, and playability, Yamaha has established themselves as a leader in the music industry. Whether you're a seasoned pro or an aspiring musician, Yamaha's acoustic electric guitars are an excellent choice for anyone looking to take their sound to the next level.

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